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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of the Year Sales...

I cannot believe how cheap everything is at the of this year. Almost every single store is having things 50% off. Only if it was always like this. I can totally get use to that! The other day, i went to Kohl's. Thank God for the store Kohl's. I got some really nice long sleeve shirts, a new pair of dress shoes and jeans. They were all half off! So i used my gift cards and got a great deal.

However, tonight was a great example of how cheap everything is currently. I heard that Sport Chalet was having a crazy sale, so i asked my brother to go with me and we went only expecting a few things on sale. Well it ends up that almost everything was on sale! Therefore we got some shoes for a very low price. I got three pairs for under $23.00! Also i got a nice winter hat that will go great with my new Christmas gifts and new softball bat. The Softball bat is called the Juggernaut. What a great name for a big time bat. I dig that, "The Juggernaut." The bat is usually $300 or more, but i got it discounted to $112.48! My softball team sure will be happen when they get to swing this bad boy next season that will start around June. Tomorrow i am going to take Melissa to Sport Chalet for some early birthday shopping (her birthday is in two weeks).

So have you gone shopping at all after Christmas? Have you spent your Christmas money on anything yet? Share with me what deals you found and what you got. Have a sweet and safe New Year's Eve tomorrow. See you at Harvest for all of you who go tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

"bye RJ" haha jk
what do ya know? i'm going there with KC later too... :)
that's so cool you guys got some great deals! i'm excited to see what we find for me :D

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