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Friday, January 2, 2009

Favorite Pastor Winner: Pastor Greg Laurie

Well the results are in from the poll about voting for your favorite pastor. I think all of the pastors who were on the list are all winners for their dedication and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ and His word. However, the winner of my poll is Pastor Greg Laurie! Without a shadow of a doubt, i thought he was going to win because most of you who read this blog go to Harvest, but on another note most know the 'lost boy' story of Pastor Greg being one of the most remarkable things God has done in an individual's life, which glorifies God in the highest.

Greg went from the hippie crowds to harvest crusades. His ministry continues to reach hundreds of thousands all around the world each year. Over the last decade, God has been growing him into an international evangelist, as doors have been opened for Greg to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in other countries around the world.

Not only is pastor Greg a wonderful Preacher, he is a worthy Pastor. He is the most prominent pastor in the Inland Empire. Greg's mission as a pastor is to "Know God and make Him known." Every year since i started going to harvest in 2003, he has been a great shepherd by teaching me the word of God expositionally. He has been a great example loving his wife as Christ loves the church relationally. Finally, he has been a great contributor to my growth in Christ spiritually.

Pastor Greg has really made a massive impact in my life in many ways. I have met with him a few times and he has given me just great wisdom. The man is the real deal. His love for Jesus Christ is passionate and contagious. I am excited to see what God is going to do in and through his life in 2009 lengthening his great legacy of expositional and evangelical preaching of God's word.

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