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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Getting Back To Basics...

Well this was our "first week" of 2009. People all over the nation started their "New Year's" resolutions and football playoff games are in season. However, for me it getting back to basics. This week I had to get back to the basics of work, travel, bills, and everything else that gets put on the back burner during the holidays. I worked a full week and it was good. I am really in blessed to see how God is faithful and continues to provide for me every week in this horrible economy. Also, this week was hectic. Melissa and her family have been put in a very difficult position as their mortgage company sent them a certified letter stating they will not re-negotiate their mortgage for this next year so they can afford it reasonably. Therefore they will have to pay around $4,700 by February 9th. Please keep the Tomchek family in your prayers!!! I will be updating you all to let you know what their status is during this month. All we know is that the whole situation is out of our control, but is completely in God's sovereign control. He has the wheel, so we are just riding in the back seat, waiting to see where he is going to drive us to accomplish His perfect will.

So, in all of that, how about your first week of 2009? How was your first week? What did you do? Did anyone start any resolutions? Leave me some comments of what you did. Blessings!

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Shaka said...

I'll be praying for Melissa and her family :)

hmm....first week of '09...what did i do...well no resolutions for me. i don't think i've ever done that. but anyway i had a really nice first week of the year especially since I started it off with my friends. Remember? guitar hero. im a pro. haha then went to my sister's and KC spoke there and that was a blessing! and then school which hasn't been too bad too far. especially cuz i'm excited i'm taking ceramics. you'll see my work soon...well not for awhile actually.

bye RJ haha

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