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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bracketology - March Madness!

In my favorite month of the year, NCAA men's basketball is at it's peak. The Sweet 16 is what they call it, where the nations best 16 teams compete against each other to reach the Final Four. At my work, we traditionally filled out the brackets for the entire tournament including who we thought would win the the nation championship. So far, i picked every team right! We will see this weekend who will move on and who will have to pack their bags. So far i picked Louisville, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, Duke, Syracuse, North Carolina, Connecticut, and Memphis to move on to the Elite 8.

So i want to leave you with these two awesome play last week:

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Us and our boys....Walter, ily, Preacher + Savior said...

So guess what we do the same thing at my job. I mean I dont really know much about much so I just guess. I pick what I can relate to. For example I picked Kentucky only because Preacher (our dog) was born in Kentucky. Anyway so I remember back when I use to work at Stater bro's my manager use to always talk about USC. He played football there. So I just picked for USC to win the entire thing. Little did I know it was basket ball not football. Told ya I didn't know much.
Hope you win it all R.J!!

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