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Monday, August 10, 2009

Ecclesiastes 7 - part 2

Text: Ecclesiastes 7:15-29
Title: The Problem of the SIN Virus

In this section of scripture, Solomon continues his practical instructions of wisdom to live a life of wisdom and not folly.

I. Learn from the Old Man.
1. (7:15) Solomon see everything in his time on earth at his elderly age. he wants us trust him in what he is going to tell us to do and not to do, so we can life a better life as we studied a couple of weeks ago.
2. Good people do not always live the longest, or they sometimes get the short end of the stick.
3. Wicked people sometimes have longer lives, or they get the upper hand.
4. We must not look at these two contrasts and say it is not fair. God has given us plenty of fairness. We as sinners are deserving of Hell because we have violated the holy law of God and continue to do so as we live here on this planet.

A. Here is an example. Psalm 73:1-3, 17
Asaph, a Levite worship leader, was a worshiper and writer of the psalms. He also wrote Psalm 50, 73 to 83. In Psalm 73 he writes two important things that gives him an eternal perspective.
1. He is mad that the wicked prosper.
2. He then understands that the wicked will one day perish.

Don't Be Self Righteous.
1. (v.7:16) Solomon then says not to claim to be righteous.

A. Too Righteous leads to self righteousness.
Being self-centered, self absorbed, and self righteous will not bless your life but will mess up your life. People do not want to hang out with people who make themselves sound better or act like they are more righteous and holy. Solomon tells us to avoid this SIN because it is like a virus. It will start out slowly in our life, and then one day it will consume you and overtake your character and personality until it is too late. Like when your relatives do not want to visit you, or people do not want to hang out or invite you places.

B. Too wise leads to pridefulness.
Being boastful, ignorant, professing to be wise, giving yourself a pad on the back are all characteristics that will not help your life but will hurt your life. We see once again how important these scriptures are to put away any self righteousness and pride because the SIN will infect and cause disease of unholy living in your life. Solomon says to trust him in avoiding such sin. I believe he says this because he was living like this at one point in his life. Being the King of Israel, I am sure it was not hard for him to act this way.

Don't Be Wicked or Foolish.
1. (v. 7:17) Solomon says not the be wicked or a fool. Do not try to be someone in the world who is wicked and foolish.
A. Your life may be cut short because sin leads to death, and the fool does deadly things without wisdom like drugs, drunk driving, and theft.

II. Listen To the Old Man.

1. (v. 7:18) Solomon says it is good to understand these things because they will help you live a better life, the life God wants us to live. Therefore, the only way to truly live without self-righteousness, pride, wickedness, and foolishness is to Fear the Lord! We will escape all of these disasterous characteristics and cirumstances in our lives.

The Power of Wisdom.
1. (v. 7:19) God's wisdom gives more power and strength to His children than compared to the mighty strength of 10 kings of the nations. This tells us that man's wisdom is inferior to God's superior wisdom.

The Problem of the SIN Virus.
1. (7:20) The problems in this world are not God's fault, but the sinfulness of man. All of the problems that happen in this world are because of sin.

Don't Listen To Gossip.
1. (7:21-22) After Solomon shares some wisdom on character, he now implores us to not listen to gossip from others unless it is someone your related to or have a relationship with, to confirm if it is true because you love them. Also, he is means not to get mad and gossip with your friends to become that gossiper who your suppose to ignore.
A. Solomon says this to us to help us understand that this is how it is, so do not gossip about others who are allrightous and self centered, or who seem to be a holy roller, even the wiscked and the fools we are not to talk bad about. This is so hard to do, and that is why it is in the scriptures. It is in opposition to secular culture.

III. Live according to the Old Man.
1. (7:23-26) Solomon now redefines everything he has sought out in life. He notices that everything is tainted with sin. Since sin entered the world through Adam's sin, sin continues to have its effects on everything. Solomon understands that the problems of this world are a result of the SIN Virus. Because of this virus, Solomon's life was infected with emptiness:

A. Wisdom and knowledge did not solve Solomon's questions.
B. Pleasures did not satisfy Solomon's flesh.
C. Relationships did not fufill Solomon's heart.

2. (v. 7:27-28) Solomon has found out this one thing: "One guy among a 1ooo dudes I have found, but not a woman have I found." How sad is that. He could not find the woman of his dreams because his dreams were worldly and not holy. He turned his heart from God (1 Kings 11) and pursued all that is in the world: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. Solomon now understands his mistakes and tells us to avoid these things! They are vanity! They are empty! Learn from me, listen to me, live accordingly to what I am telling you so you do not live a life that is sinful and disobedient to the Lord.

The way to over come the SIN Virus.
1. (7:28-29) Life is meant to be awesome as God created it, but sin ruins it. Stay ways from the SIN Virus by daily injecting your veins with the antidote of Jesus Christ! The cross is the cure! Living a cross-centered life will drastically keep you way from sin.

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