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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OMG! I Have To Read and Memorize the Bible and learn about Jesus?

Today at Cbu during my break time, my good friend David and I went to the cafe to get something to eat. It was a long line so we decided to wait in it and talk. Well we had a group of ladies in their mid-late twenties in front of us talking about what classes they still need to take to graduate. One girl says, "All I have to take is a Christian Studies class, Overview of the Bible class, and a Psychology class." However, she goes on to say, "But I really do not want to take the Bible class because I heard you have to know everything about Jesus and like, the Bible." I could not believe this statement. This made me look at David while shaking my head in disbelief. We continued to listen and they started to talk about my professor who teaches that class. One of the girls jumped in and said, "That class is not hard, the teacher gives you all the answers and information you need." But her friend jumped in and interrupted her by saying, "No, not in my class. It was hard. The quizzes got hard as the class went on because you had to memorize more things about the Bible." They were all critical about how they will have to "memorize the Bible" and how they will have to "read the Bible".

I serious wanted to just interrupt their conversation in the nicest way. I could not believe their topic of discussion. These girls were so focused on their careers rather than Christ. Who knows if they even know Christ. I would doubt it, because any true believer would enjoy growing in their faith through the required Christian courses at Cbu. They were talking about the word of God like it is worthless literature and knowledge. They would rather study theory than truth. They would be rather conformed to the world than being transformed by the word of God.

This is a perfect example how culture has assaulted the art of studying the Bible. The word of God has been the most studied book in the history of the world. The most literature has been published on the Bible over the ages than any other peace of literature. The Bible is the world's most popular book and has sold the most books all time. Jesus Christ has the most books written about him than any other iconic figure. So how come people do not see the necessity of studying the Bible? It is because of our culture. Our culture is teaching everyone to live life for yourself.

Culture is influencing people to live by their own rules, passions, desires, emotions, feelings, and not someone elses (JESUS!). Today's so called education system is purposed driven to make you have your own success and your own accomplishment. It is all about getting a degree so you can get money and live a healthy and wealthy life. This is the one of the worldly promises of education. This was exactly what the girls were thinking about and how their Bible class has to do nothing with there regular classes for their degree, so they feel they are being forced to take a class they truly wish they could skip out on. Studying and living for Jesus Christ and his word will bring everlasting joy and satisfaction. I pray that these girls will see that their lives should be focused on someone elses success and accomplishment, the Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and rose again conquering the grave!


Liz! said...

wow! that's sad!! it bums out how there are people that think like this! why'd they even come to cbu then?!

David D. said...

That chica was wack!

joppoman said...

I'm taking a Bible as Literature course at RCC, and it's truly fun. Studying the Bible is the best homework.

I can't believe that this culture has suppressed or not realized the power of God's word.

RJ McCauley said...

Yeah I know! This is crazy huh! It is sad.

Jared - I always wanted to take that class, but wondered if the teacher was a believer. It's a good class if the Bible is the homework =)

Teresa Taylor said...

RJ you are a writer! Well put and keep shining your light! U turns are possible! Pray for revival on College campus! Nothing is to hard for God!

RJ McCauley said...

Amen Teresa! I pray right now that those girls have to take those classes and God speaks boldy to their hearts =)

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