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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Done With Fall Semester, Happy New Year!

Today was the last day of my 2009 Fall semester at Cbu. I had to turn in my assignments via email today because it was the last day to turn them in for credit. I am so thankful to be done with my first semester! I have 4 more semesters to go now until graduation with my B.A. degree! However, I am super excited for Monday when I start back up again. I will be taking Biblical Exegesis and Baptist Thought. My favorite teach I have had so far is Dr. Cate. He is the man! I have learned so much from him in his classes I have taken which are Jesus and the Gospels, and Paul & the Early Church. Plus he gets great books for us to read and go through as a class, which make a great addition to my library!

Anyways, God is moving right now and has given me another job opportunity! Pray I get it. I will not know anything until the first week of January.

So I have a few New Years Resolutions I want to share:

1. Run for 20 mins everyday.
Running is one of the healthiest exercises and quickest fast burning exercise if you eat right! I have been lacking in this because it is always freezing outside and well, I have been lazy. I want to do this again and will be back at it!

2. Eat more fish and veggies.
This year I have lost 25 lbs over the summer eating right and getting help from BodyPro in Costa Mesa. They set things straight in my system and body to work properly. So now I am up for the challenge to eat more seafood and tons of veggies. I love sushi so that will not be a problem!

Ok, no caffeine. I Know this is going to be insane, but Caffeine is horrible for your adrenal glands and body period. It is a stimulant that does nothing but harm your vital organs and brain functionality. I read some articles on this an it did not say about going cold turkey on coffee or soda, but it said to drink decaffeinated or caffeine free beverages. I did this the latter part of this year and it is does make you feel so much better! Plus caffeine is addictive.

4. Get Married!
I do not know how realistic this is currently, but our dream is to get married soon, I mean real soon. Unfortunately I was laid off this summer in June 2009 because of the bad economy. That has set our plans on the back burner until the Lord provides me a new job with stability to move forward and provide for her and myself. My summer consisted of application after application with follow-up, and for some reason I just did not get the job. Praise God for his grace, as he has been providing and sustaining me through this time with my unemployment. I continue to search for a good job, and I know it is just around the corner!

5. Worship Jesus!
I do not understand a lot of things, but the Lord does not want me to understand right now. He wants me to worship. He wants me to glorify him. He wants me to be completely dependent upon Him. He wants me to live by His promises in the word, not by explanations in the world. So now I try not to ask, but instead I just acknowledge and apply to my heart that God's word says "all things work together for good for those who love God" and that he has a "future and hope" for Melissa and I. May the Lord's will be done!

Happy New Year everyone!


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