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Friday, February 5, 2010

Becoming a Hebrew...

A few weeks ago, I started playing in the Harvest Men's basketball league. This season I have a brand new group of guys that are eager to learn and grow in the Lord. However, I am eager and wanting to grow in the rich text of the book of Hebrews. We are going through the book of Hebrews this season with the John MacArthur study guides. They are seriously the best study guides put together - HANDS DOWN. The book makes you dive in to the Old Testament more than any other epistle, and second to the Gospels. I love it so much that it is making me think more like a Hebrew (Jewish people) in the first century.

There are 8 main passages in Hebrews the author expounds on to teach New Testament truth that was fulfilled through Christ who is superior to all the prophets and the law. Here are some of the Old Testament passages: 2 Samuel 7; Deuteronomy 32; Psalm 8:4, 6; Psalm 95:7, 11; Psalm 110:4; Jeremiah 31:31, 34; Habakkuk 2:3-4; Proverbs 3:11-12, Exodus 19-20.

Anyways, I created an outline of the book to help me contrast and see the structure and remember the main points. Everything was fulfilled and perfected in the greatness of Christ's work on the cross.

Outline of Hebrews:
Christ is greater than Prophets (1:1-3)
Christ is greater than Angels (1:4-2:18)
Christ is greater than Moses (3:1-19)
Christ is greater than Joshua (4:1-13)
Christ is greater than Levitical Priests (4:14-7:28)
Christ is greater than the Tabernacle (8:1-5)
Christ is greater than Old Covenant (8:6-9:22)
Christ is greater than Sacrifices (9:23-10:39)
Outworking of Faith in Christ (11:1-40)
Outworking of Hope in Christ (12:1-29)
Outworking of Love in Christ (13:1-17)
Final Exhortation and Salutations (13:18-25)

After going over the first two chapters, the Lord revealed some key things to me personally through the devotions.

1. (Hebrews 1-2) Recognizing that Christ is far superior and sovereign than everyone and everything else I might invest my faith and trust.

Three ways to recognize Christ's superiority and sovereignty:
A. Unleash God's Omnipresence - Christ's always present ability to be everywhere
B. Unleash God's Omniscience - Christ's all knowing ability to know all things
C. Unleash God's Omnipotence - Christ's all powerful ability to do all things

2. (Hebrews 3) Considering that my life should have spiritual evidence of following Christ as my God and perfect Savior and not trying to keep the law.

Three ways to consider staying focused and producing spiritual growth as evidence in my life:
A. By studying the Word of God to grow in the knowledge of Scripture.
B. By showing the Fruit of the Spirit in daily activities outside of church.
C. by sharing the Gospel publicly and openly with truth and love.

These were just a few thoughts that I have gone back over to help me as I study through this apologetic and polemic defense of Christ as a greater Leader, Prophet, Teacher, more Faithful and Authoritative than the former prophets and Moses! Long live King Jesus forever, and ever amen!


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