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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Being Sustained by God's Word

What can I say, life if full of interruptions. As I mentioned on one of my later blogs, life is full of interruptions that always come unexpectedly. Trials happen with precise randomness (i.e. when you least expect it, but for some mysterious reason, there is a purpose for it). There has been several things that have happened in my neck of the woods and ministry that have been interruptions, and God has been showing me that he wants to do some "heart-work" in those situations. Nevertheless, it has been hard to understand why and try not be drained from the trials. The only thing that has been sustaining me has been God's Word. Thank God for his Word and teaching me Acts 6:4. This Scripture teaches us to daily meditate on prayer and the Word for strength and rejuvenation. God has a plan through all of these things presently, which I believe with all my heart, but it is the Word of God that has given me life, energy, hope, trust, relief, safety, and grace for each day. Psalm 119:49-50 says, "Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope. This is what comforts me in my trouble, for your law gives me life." Thank you Lord for your wonderful, powerful, trustworthy, and faithful Word!

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