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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Take a Time-Out

As I have read the book by John Piper called "Brothers, We Are Not Professionals," I have been thinking about something important in my life that I need to consider - daily mediation and prayer uninterrupted. The whole chapter is all about Acts 6:2-4 where it says in verse four, "But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word." Charles Spurgeon expressed a truthful thought concerning the power and importance of having the ministry of prayer and the Word uninterrupted, "Those incessant knocks at our door, and perpetual visits from idle persons, are so many buckets of cold water thrown upon our devout zeal. We must by some means secure uninterrupted meditation, or we shall lose power" (Lectures to My Students, 309).

I am totally a man of distractions. I love sports, music, hobbies, etc. I enjoy good meals, exercise, and movies. All of these things are not the distractions that Piper or Spurgeon were talking about essentially. They were talking about the ministry. They were talking about the busyness that people get themselves into by trying to do so much ministry that daily meditations of prayer and the Word are minimal. Piper argues that daily meditations of prayer and the Word are "good time-consuming" ministry activities and should be the priority in our walks as believers, especially those in ministry because during meditation time is when the Spirit of God fills and instills the equipping mighty power and wisdom to do the work of ministry. I can totally relate to this at times because there will be so many things going on in my life at once (i.e. ministry) that I feel that I do not even have any strength to share, teach, or counsel due to not having a deep meditation time! Praise God for his grace that I have had time to do this, but I desire more and more and more. Lord, help me to take "Time-outs everyday!"

O Lord, help us to take "time-outs" and make us all mediators of prayer and your Word - interruption free - with you!

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Timothy Juarez said...

Thats so true.That happens so much when I am reading or thinking about God.I just thank God for leting me read his word.Keep up the good work RJ God is doing great things in your life.

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