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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leadership Distinctives - Preparing the Soil

Jeff Jones writes in his co-authored book with his seminary graduates The Leadership Baton, that there are several essential "cultivating principles" to develop a culture in the church where growing leadership can prosper and succeed. The first one is to "prepare the soil" which is the solid foundation from which all leadership develop will blossom. They say that churches who take this radical approach to develop leadership is more difficult than bring in leadership or shipping out people to become leaders. They argue the churches that do this will be more fruitful and build stronger "core values of leadership development into their church culture."

After establishing a biblical template, there are some practical things that are necessary to do.

1. We must put on the eyeglasses of potential - see people in which who they can become.

2. We must tear down the idol of valuing excellence - use people who are available, not just academically equipped.

3. We must pass on a baton - give people the opportunity and responsibility to become future leaders.

4. We must develop leaders from where God planted them - develop people in your own church to be leaders.

5. We must prioritize a lifelong learning process - lead people for constant growth for the rest of their lives. If you will grow, they will grow.

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