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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Living Without God is like...

I came across this statement in the book I am reading called Instruments In the Redeemer's Hands by Paul David Tripp. It is so good!!! He talks about walking with God was our foundational purpose in being created. However, he says living without God is not good. We were created to walk with him. (Note: picture on the left reminds me of how we are to walk with the Lord.)

"We were created to be dependent [upon God]. Trying to live without God's help is to assign myself a sub-human existence. It is to live like an animal, as if I were something other than what I am. Vast numbers of people attempt to live this way, but it is an act of irrationality. They deny their identity, subvert their own lives, and crush their own hopes. Human beings were created to live on the PLATFORM of God's revelation, which is why were were given the unique communicative abilities we possess."

Everyone was created to know God. God has placed eternity in our hearts to have the knowledge that He exists and that we are utterly forsaken without him. Therefore, Christians are to live in their restored state as a born-again believer and stand only upon the platform of God's holy truth to live a live that will be filled with rationality, simplicity, and satisfaction because of the pleasure of walking with God.

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