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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Headway of Homosexuality: Redefined (part 1)

One of my first posts in 2008 was about homosexuality being accepted by pastors during the Proposition 8 movement. You can read about it here: Headway of Homosexuality part 1. Homosexuality is something that has been brewing again in the state legislation of California and national politics because the homosexual community is not getting "their justice" and receiving "their promises for equality" which they believe are under attack and need to be fought for so they can live in their personal lifestyle and choices without being judged, discriminated, or accused of doing something unlawful. If they can make it legal, then they can change these things to justify their immoral lifestyle by humanistic means to say "it is legal" and "it is not wrong." This proposes huge ramification to Christians because we are called to not just preach the Gospel, but preach social righteousness by standing up in society for what is lawful and righteous in the world (i.e. against slavery, immoral behavior, oppression, and helping the poor and disenfranchised along with stopping evil from prevailing, etc). This issue is one that the Christian should fight four because it matters to God!

The Scriptures, however, are under attack unlike never before where people, such as, says they are Gay Christians who love God - that it is not sin. They twist and warp the Scriptures. The only thing that can rescue us or help us are the Scriptures, so they are attacking what is initially attacking them. We need to preach the Scriptures, explain them in context, and discuss the errors of their interpretation. The Word of God does the talking, does the walking, and is the source of authority; however we do the action. We need to step up and fight for what is right not only in God's eyes, but societies eyes whether they agree or not. Christians should help change the world, not let the world change itself. We bring to the table truth in morality, legality, and society. The family unit must be protected from sexual immorality and perversion based off of personal lifestyle decisions. Personal decisions should not be advocated as legal and enforced upon others to be accepted. Therefore, just as homosexuals are fight for their cause, we must fight as passionate and strong for truth! We must not be silent, but we must not be arrogant.

Since Proposition 8 passed (and I am so thankful for God allowing that to be protected from the enemy) the enemy has been at work and is planning on making another run at overturning it to make it legal in California. Christians need to be ready! Homosexuality is not just a political issue but its a culture issue that is facing many Christians. I am taking a Christian Ethics class this month that will deal with this hot issue from a biblical worldview, and how to graciously address such an issue from a ministry perspective since I desire to be pastor one day and will have to face these things. I am excited for this, nevertheless, because I have studied a few books that mentioned some great information regarding "if homosexuality is forbidden or accepted in the Bible - OT and NT consistency."

In my ministries and experience (Students Ministries = High School and Prayer & Share counseling. Experience = High School employee and friend employees), the youth are being taught that homosexuals are born with their desires, that it is okay to be homosexual, it is not morally wrong or sinful, and encouraging them to try new experiences. This lifestyle is being pushed to be acceptable and tolerated in America 2010. As Christians in America, we have to make a stand specifically to those who say they are "homosexual Christians" like those from "" Parents need to teach their kids the danger of it, and the reasons why exegetically - original context and explanation of interpretation in the text. Youthful Christians need to know the truth of God and how to defend it when challenged by homosexual advocates.

This is the issue I want to really capitalize on during the next three posts. The next post is part 2, discussing Old Testament evidence which boldly condemns homosexuality in the original context. The next post, part 3, will discuss the New Testament evidence which uses Old Testament evidence and is expanded on by Jesus and Paul in a more cultivated, homosexual Greco-Roman world that is clearly condemned as sin and morally harmful to society. Lastly, part 4 will consist of a review and final summary of what the Bible truly says in context, and what Gay Christians should take to heart and how Christians should witness, interact, fight for, and address such a hot issue in culture.

Part 1 - Headway of Homosexuality: Redefined
Part 2 - Old Testament evidence
Part 3 - New Testament evidence
Part 4 - Contextual Summary - What is true about Homosexuality in the Bible

Leave your comments and tell me what your thoughts whether you agree or disagree.


joppoman said...

I think so far you handle a delicate subject (today) well. You should discuss 2 Sam. 1:26 because, with the right perspective, it counters the supposed grounds of "love" in defense of homosexuality.

RJ McCauley said...


Your right! Thanks for the comment. You will see that later in part 2. Great to hear from you bro, love ya man.


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