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Friday, July 9, 2010

Tuesday night at the Truth Project, a lot of people had some questions about Genesis and creation. It is indeed a mysterious thing and our finite minds can only understand what Scripture clearly portrays. However, I want to share with you that is nothing new, but some of you might not of heard this before.

Herbert Spencer, an evolutionist, was a philosopher in the 19th century during the Victorian Era. He coined the phrase, "survival of the fittest." During his quest for evolutionary progressivism, he came to a conclusion of that there were "categoricals" in which everything in the universe cal be placed in called "The Knowables" - which are time, force, action, space, matter. He first refutes the knowledge of the "the unknowables" and assures everything evolved from the knowables (since he was a strict evolutionist). After his "discovery" in the 19th century, Spencer went on to published a book called "First Principles," and everyone praised his breakthrough and philosophical work.

Genesis 1:1 says, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."

The Knowables would of been know-able if Herbert just read the Scriptures! God created everything:

In the beginning - TIME


created - ACTION

the heavens - SPACE

and the earth - MATTER

Way to go Herbert, God already told us about the knowables! We need to share this truth with others about our sovereign Creator. God created all things and by him all things were made. Science errors at trying to define our origins and purpose by teaching historical revisionism and distorting the truth of God that is found in the first very in all the Bible, Genesis 1:1. There is a battle out there, and it is a "battle for the beginning."

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