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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thoughts On "Why Jesus Was Anointed and Filled With the Holy Spirit?"

Recently in my Christian Doctrine class, we discussed Pneumatology, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. However, we specifically discussed topics regarding the Holy Spirit's relationship to Jesus Christ, and how the third person of the Trinity played an essential role in the entire life of our Lord (from his birth, life, ministry, death, and ascension).

Why was Jesus filled and anointed with the Holy Spirit if he was God the Son? Here are five theological reasons:

1. Jesus needed to be born through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Jesus needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit to give him the ability to live a sinless life.

3. Jesus needed to be anointed by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the OT characteristics of the coming Messiah.

4. Jesus needed to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to complete his ministry.

5. Jesus needed the Holy Spirit to signify and validate his identity in several ways:

    A. The Holy Spirit validated the introduction of Jesus’ mission and message to the world
    B. The Holy Spirit signified the inauguration of Jesus’ new kingdom order
    C. The Holy Spirit validated the initiation of Jesus’ miracle power for his ministry
    D. The Holy Spirit signified the inspiration of Jesus’ teaching
    E. The Holy Spirit validated the biblical identity of Jesus’ deity.

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