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Friday, September 7, 2012

Men's Study at Harvest - Introduction

I recently signed up for the Men's ministry at Harvest called Men of Valor. My father-in-law is leading an inductive Bible study group on Tuesday mornings, so I decided to join them while I have the availability now that I am still on unemployment. I wanted to do the study because I knew it would be all about Jesus. In fact, that is all the study is about, Jesus! It's about walking with Jesus; real men walk with Jesus [follow him]. It is a case study of the words and works of Jesus in the gospels from a chronological approach (starting with his birth, and ending with his resurrection/ascension).

Our first study was very comprehensive and took a long time to finish. Nevertheless, I finished the study and got to contribute to the group time. I was asked to contribute to the group in a deeper, biblical-theological way. It was interesting being ask knowing I have never signed up for the Men' study before, but I was humbled and blessed to able to share. I came to find out it made me dig deeper in the Scriptures and use my hermeneutics that I have been learning. Thus I contribute to the group by sharing OT references, allusions, fulfillments, and insights contained in the various NT texts. On my blog, I am going to post some of those references to share with you some of the cool things that I have been learning about the words and works of Jesus.

"Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked."
(1 John 2:6)

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