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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Doing the Little Things at Church

Lately I have been reflecting on my spiritual birthday, i.e. the day I came to faith in Jesus Christ. It will be in August this summer. The fact of the matter is that I have been a Christian for ten years. I cannot believe how GOD rescued me from my sins and blessed me with a new life through faith in Jesus Christ. I remember when I gave my life to Christ after a powerful message of the about the Ten Commandments in 2003. The Word of God convicted my heart, and I repented of my sins with the hope of never going back to my old high school ways during my senior year. Once I graduated, all of my desires changed for the glory of God as I began to serve at my church.

At my church, Harvest Christian Fellowship, I began doing the little things at my church in the high school ministry:
1. I began ushering in high school ministry.
2. I began participating with street witnessing.
3. I began assisting with community projects.

Being used at church gave me a sense of family and duty. It also opened new opportunities for me to serve at different capacities and more responsibility:
1. I began leading small groups.
2. I began counseling students at retreats.
3. I began teaching Bible studies.

Once I began doing this in the student ministries, it was only natural to do it on Sunday nights at Day 7 service where my high school pastor was also teaching:
1. I began ushering.
2. I began follow-up counseling.
3. I began leading small groups.

It was fun to help the ministry and overall function of the service. I had no idea how important my impact was to help the body of Christ until someone told me that I was a great example. It was definitely a positive life lesson I will never forget about being a servant. I just made myself available to do whatever needed to be done. If the parking lot ministry needed a hand, I was there. If the ministry needed security on campus, I did it. If communion and baptism services needed assistance, I would volunteer to serve others.

Doing the little things made me understand how to be a servant and be faithful in the little things. Because I was faithful in the little things, I was given the opportunity to go on mission trips and lead Bible studies:
1. I went on several disaster relief mission trips.
2. I went on several SWAT trips.
3. I went on several Harvest Crusade trips.
4. I went on several community service projects.

After serving for several years in the high school ministry, I decided to develop my faith in order to increase my knowledge and grow in my faith:
1. I completed the Growth classes.
2. I completed the Prayer & Share classes.
3. I completed the Leadership Essentials classes.

Once I completed these courses, I began teaching weekly the high school students at the satellite campus my wife and I attended for almost four years. I also began teaching doctrine classes and small Bible studies at the church on a teaching rotation. Furthermore, I was a leader for the men's sports ministry for six straight years and created my own team called Sanctified. God is truly remarkable for giving me the opportunities at my church. Yet, he has given me these opportunities because I was doing the little things at church.

At the height of my service, the opportunity presented itself to me to go to CBU and get my B.A. in Christian Studies. As I got my degree, I reconsidered my career in life to do Christian ministry and education. Now I am going to seminary at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for an M.Div. with concentration of biblical and theological studies. God is amazing how he works things out for his glory and my greater good.

All of the little things that I have done has taught me how to be a servant in regards to the ministries presented before me in my life. Therefore, I wait eagerly for the next steps God has for me I fulfill his calling in my life and continue to do the little things. There are no superstars in ministry; only servants. It is all about doing the little things, and one day, God will give those who are faithful bigger things to do for his kingdom. Amen!

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