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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Romans 12 - The Image of Christ In the Church (Part 1)

Here are my notes from my recent teaching in Romans 12:9-21 from The Group Bible study at Harvest.

Romans 12 – The Image of Christ In the Church

In Romans 12:1-21, Paul begins his last argument of his letter to establish the conduct of the believers in Rome. (Rom. 12, character; Rom. 13, citizenship; Rom. 14, congregation)

The battle of image and identity in Romans (Caesar vs. Christ):


The "good will of Romans" desires the believers in Rome to resemble Jesus in their character. The believers are encouraged to display the image of Christ.

The “gospel of Romans” is grounded in the satisfactory work of Jesus Christ, which enables people to renew their lives for God’s glory and their greatest good.

The “goal of Romans” is grounded in the supremacy of knowing this new life in Jesus Christ, and displaying the image of Christ in the church.

Outline of Romans 12 regarding Christian image and identity:
Romans 12:1-2, the basis of Christian identity
Romans 12:3-8, the gifting in Christian identity 
Romans 12:9-21, the marks of Christian identity

I. The basis of Christian identity (vv.1-2):
-Present yourself as a living sacrifice
-Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

II. The gifting of Christian identity (vv.3-8):
-Grace has been given to believers to use gifts
-Grace is the source of gifts and should impart grace

III. The marks of Christian identity (vv.9-21):
-Love with authenticity
-Resist wickedness
-Chose good
-Brother love and honor
-Resist laziness
-Pursue service
-Rejoice in hope
-Constant prayer
-Support and hospitality
-Bless enemies
-Celebrate and Comfort
-Resist Pride
-Resist evil works
-No retaliation
-Love, bless, and do good

Comparisons between Romans 1 and Romans 12 regarding the display of the image of God
Rom. 1:24, dishonored their bodies to God
Rom. 12:1, present honorable bodies to God
Rom. 1:25, service of idols
Rom. 12:1, service of God
Rom. 1:25, worships the creation  by being conformed to the world
Rom. 12:2, worships the Creator by being transformed in God
Rom. 1:28, did not approve God in their minds
Rom. 12:2, renewing the mind to approve God’s will in their minds
Rom. 1:29, filled with unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice, envy, murder, strife.
Rom. 12:9-13, filled with love, goodness, honor, service, hope, patience, hospitality.
Rom. 1:30-32, displays gossip, slanderer, hatred, insolence, pride, boastful, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless, unrighteousness.
Rom. 12:14-21, displays blessing, rejoicing, unity, humility, peace, faith, righteousness.
May our image reflect the image of Christ in the church!

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