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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Christology + Pheumatology = Soteriology" by Fred Sanders

I really like reading and listening to Fred Sanders. He is a theology professor at Talbot School of Theology. You can check out his books here. I highly recommend all of them! Below is a lecture he gave at a theology conference entitled: Christology + Pheumatology = Soteriology.

Sanders makes a great point in his lecture: God is at the center of salvation. It is essential to understand the size, shape, and access of salvation from a theological holistic whole. Knowing the doctrine of salvation is vast. Thus, Sanders rightly teaches a proper understanding of the vast doctrine of salvation must be seen through the Son and Spirit in a theological catalog of categories. Understanding the doctrine of salvation in a theological catalog of categories helps formulate a concise and comprehensive knowledge of what salvation means and how it is applied (e.g. the Ordo Solutis).

Sanders has a great sense of humor, so enjoy!

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