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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

G.K. Beale: New Studies In the Old & New Testaments

If you want to learn about biblical theology of the OT and NT in depth, then biblical scholar G.K. Beale is the guy you want to read. I have two of his largest works (both books in the picture on the left). Contained inside these two recent volumes are biblical theology and exegesis in its finest form. It is remarkable how much this man knows about the Bible, and the connections he has discovered through relentless research. He has definitely advanced the future discussions and academic interests regarding the usage of the OT in the NT. All Christians are in debt to him for his work to establish the correct theological interpretations of the redemptive-historical narrative of the Bible, and how that needs to be taught in churches because it is the gospel.

I have learned that it is that meta-narrative (i.e. redemptive-historical storyline) that the Apostles' preached, the Reformers proclaimed, and the Revivalists programmed into their church ministries. In the recent resurgence of biblical theology, Mark Dever has mentioned teaching biblical theology as the second mark of a health church in his book "Nine Marks of a Healthy Church." Hence, I personally agree with Dever that a healthy Christ-centered church will teach biblical theology undiminished  I believe biblical theology is too important to ignore and must be taught in order to properly understand how the Bible unfolds and interconnects with diversity and unity throughout the canonical books from Genesis to Revelation.

Below is a link to a remarkable lecture hosted at my seminary, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This lecture emphasizes the challenges in biblical theology that are confronting the integrity and inspiration of the Scriptures. Some scholars are doing injustice to biblical theology and emphasizing only the thematic elements of the Bible, not the authoritative verbal-plenary inspiration of Scripture. The lecture is very informative, and if you have not heard an academic lecture on Christian theology before, this exposure will be riveting and exciting because of the biblical connections that are identified in biblical theology that are not necessarily emphasized on the pulpit. Click on the link below to watch and listen an this lecture regarding new studies in the OT and NT biblical theology.

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