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Friday, May 3, 2013

SBTS Online

Going to school online has been very challenging but extremely beneficial. I have been challenged to meet the demands of each class. Yet, I have the flexibility of taking the courses online to manage my schedule throughout each week. Thus, my experience has been pretty awesome. I am impressed with the online Moodle database I use at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Below are some screen shots of the different styles of courses. 

Some classes are in-class lecture videos, and others are more of a personal in-office lecture videos. I really enjoy the personal in-office lecture videos better because they cover more information and move along quickly compared to the extremely long in-class lecture videos. Sometimes the in-class lectures have question periods which make the video very boring and disengaging since you cannot ask a question. The in-office videos, however, are very inductive keeping the student engaged with the content.

If you are looking for a seminary that has the scholarship and evangelical foundations, SBTS is the school you want to attend. A majority of leading theologians and OT/NT scholars all teach at this seminary, so it is worth the investment if you need to go online.

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