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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dads Need to Read the Bible and Pray

I found this so true. I am so disgusted at the fact Christian Dad's are not reading Scripture and praying, specifically in front of their teens. Mark Driscoll went to Twitter with this and tweeted:

I am a firm believe alongside Driscoll because any teenager can use a cop-out and say, "You tell me I have to read my Bible and pray everyday, but I never see you read or pray, Dad!" Wow. Being a Dad is ministry.  Being a soon to be Dad, who is in ministry, I want to make sure my children will see their Dad reading Scripture and praying in front of them (and with them of course) everyday. There is a visual display of active obedience to the Gospel that all parents must demonstrate. Do not be unrealistic or super spiritual. Reading Scripture and praying in front of our kids is not for personal boasting, but for boasting in the Gospel and importance of reading, studying, mediating, and  living out the Scriptures! Be a witness in your home, Dads!

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