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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas From San Diego!

Melissa and I took a small Christmas vacation to San Diego, CA on the 13th. It was cold, but it was cool. We had a blast, and truly fellowshipped in the love of God together.
There are so many things to do in San Diego. So i surprised Melissa with an early Christmas present, and got her a season pass to Sea World. Sea World is rad by the way. All the wonderful fish and mammals swimming around, reflecting the creativity or their Creator. Its awesome to just see beauty and glory of the Lord in His creation. I taught about that in my message last Sunday when we came across Ecclesiastes 3:11 when it says "God has made everything beautiful in its time."

Anyways, after Sea World we ended up going to Coronado. We ate dinner at this very elegant restaurant called 'The Brigantine'. I ordered the fresh Pacific Salmon that was so good, and Melissa ordered the Stuffed Blue Crab Shrimp wrapped in bacon. Man, it was delicious! If you go there, you have to get the stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon. The restaurant had great service, and was a good pick. After dinner we walked across the to the famous Hotel del Coronado. It was established in 1888 and stands as one of California's famous landmarks. We went down to the small little museum and all the shops inside the Hotel. It is gorgeous at Christmas, so it was a very special time to be there to celebrate Christmas. On our way home, we went to Starbucks to get some coffee and then headed back Riverside. What a great Christmas vacation we had in San Diego.

Thanks for stopping by the blog for all of you who read the blog, i hope you enjoy my entries about whats going on in my life.

Have a good weekend! Merry Christmas!

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