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Sunday, December 21, 2008

3rd Annual Christmas Agape Feast

Saturday at my house we hosted our 3rd annual Christmas Agape Feast. It was great! We had tamales, turkey and ham sandwiches, Chicken from all over the inland empire, cookies, monkey bread, and my mom's famous sherbet punch! Family, friends, and old neighbors came to remember the reason for the season and catch up on things. One of my favorite things about having the Christmas party is getting to see everyone and catch up with them and see what's been going on in their lives. Too bad there were about 100 other parties going on that night so a lot of people would not make it, but the right people made it. My friend Danny Shaw brought over his Wii and it was a hit. Everyone was getting down on Mario Kart! It got pretty competitive. On the other side, Ping Pong was very popular too! Also at the end of the night we have a special time of worship to the Lord. The night was awesome. The party was blessed. To God be the glory.

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