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Monday, January 26, 2009

Melissa's Birthday Weekend Pictures!

Hey everyone, here are some pictures from Melissa's birthday at Disneyland. We had such a good time. The last time i was there was when i was in the 6th grade! That was just about a decade ago. Man, time flies by. We rode almost everything. My favorite ride was probably Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain. They are just the classic Disneyland rides. One ride that i really did not enjoy was Splash Mountain...because i got splashed big time! Melissa and i got absolutely soaked. It was lame, but we dried shortly after that by running around and playing hide and seek on Tom Sawyer Island (which is now called Pirates Island or whatever...stupid name). That was really fun going through all the tunnels, because i can remember running through and climbing through them when i was little, but now i can barely fit in some of those caves! Too bad the Davy Crockett canoes were closed, i love to go on the canoes. Does anyone know when those are usually opened? Also it was too bad that the legendary Haunted Mansion was closed. I really like the themes and rides in Adventure land and Frontier land. I think its just because they are more of the guy type of rides, and the guy atmosphere. No fairies and princesses, but big time action with Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise, Thunder Mountain, and the old faithful shooting gallery. That's right, i love shooting some rounds at the gallery.

One of our favorite moments that night was when we strolled Main Street for a couple of hours after the park closed! I never looked in any of the stores before because i never wanted to see what was in the shops. As we walked about, we noticed that there are a lot of interesting things on Main Street!We had so much fun looking in all the shops and checking out all the fun stuff.

Well i hope you enjoyed the pictures. We had a great time, and God was with us for sure. Amen to that! I leave you with the Kodak picture moment of Melissa and I in front of the castle. Tell me what is one of your favorite moments when you went to Disneyland, and leave me a comment to tell me your stories. God bless and have a good one!


Liz! said...

wow! i can't believe this was your first time going to disneyland since sixth grade!!

i can't narrow down disneyland to one experience! i love everything about it! (and i looooooove the clam chowder there hahaha).

oh...and the canoes are only open in the summer...but they are open ALL summer long =]

Sweet Melissa said...

I think this would have to be my favorite trip to Disneyland!! Which reminds me, I still have a free ticket to California Adventure!!

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