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Monday, February 16, 2009

One Week Down, Another One To Go...

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you all an update of whats been going on. Last week was a busy one. Work was really intense and I did not have enough time to even post a blog entry! God was good and blessed last week though with some great rain, some great praise, and some great food!

Great rain.
It rained or was rainy almost half of the week, but that was good because we need the rain here in Riverside. I saw a few rainbows and it reminds me of the covenant God made with Noah in Genesis 9:16 that He would never destroy the world with water again.
Great praise.
Jonathan Laurie spoke the last two weekends at Jack Graham's church in Dallas, Texas and here in Riverside at Day7. God has totally transformed him from the inside out and he is being used in a mighty way. I know of two people who listen to what Jonathan had said and later in the services they recommitted their lives to the Lord! Glory be to God. What a great praise that is, amen. This next weekend he will be speaking at James MacDonald's church so pray for him and the services.
Great food.
For Valentine's Day, I had a special dinner with Melissa and her mom and dad at their house. The food was awesome. For dessert, her dad Jeff and I made these signature pastries from New Orleans called Cafe du Monde Beingets. They are amazing. You have to buy them from Cost Plus World Market if you want to make some out here on the west coast, or you will have to get them from New Orleans. When i went back there in 2007 for a mission trip, God exposed me to the true manna, just kidding, lol! Here is of what they look like.
However, its another week and i plan on starting right with the gym tonight after i get off work. This last year was a tough one and i did not have it in me to workout and get in shape, so i worked on getting out of shape unfortunately, and today i am paying for it lol. Its ok though, because i have a new prosperous year, with a more open schedule to workout. I start basketball ministry this Saturday! Its been a month and three weeks behind schedule and now we are finally allowed to move forward and play in the new gym. Did any of you go in the gym Sunday at church? Its beautiful. I cannot wait to play in it. Have a good week!


K.C. said...

You know you have the picture of the pastries right above your working out section? lol

RJ McCauley said...

Yes i know, hahaha. I had those on saturday night, so my week is going to start out right! You gotta try them bro.

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