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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

23 Years Old and Counting...

Tuesday was my birthday, and i would like to thank all of you who text messaged me, gave me a call, or left me a comment. That was cool of you to do that and it blessed me. Today i am 23 years young and counting. My days are numbered the Bible says, and i hope i am far from that numbered day, lol, but when that day comes it will be "to live is Christ, to die is gain," because i will be in heaven with Jesus my Savior. However, i am here to be an ambassador of Christ all the days the Lord will give me.

Anyways, After work on Tuesday, i went El Torito for my birthday dinner. My familia and Melissa's familia were there, alongside Michelle and my great friends Ray and Krystle Mills. The food was excellent. I got the Sizzlin' Enchiladas that come served on a skillet which was very hot. It made the dish that much better i thought. After pounding the mexican food, everyone came back to my place to have some birthday cake and for me to open my gifts. I got gift cards, precisely like i said in my last blog (were you reading it before you got me a gift? lol). My brother and Michelle got me some great books by Pastor's John MacArthur and Chuck Swindoll.

Well i am ready to swipe my starbucks gift card in the morning, then swipe my El Pollo Loco gift card at lunch, and then my Chipotle gift card for dinner this weekend, lol! Thanks again for all of your birthday greeting, i loved them. Blessings everyone.

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