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Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Birthday Is Coming!!!

Hey friends, this St. Patrick's Day is my birthday!

My birthday is upon us!
This Tuesday will be my 23rd birthday. I am pretty excited about it. I am not as excited as i use to be as a kid, because now as an adult, everything costs a lot more money!!! lol. But on a more positive note, i am really looking forward to spending time with my family and soon to be extended family for dinner Tuesday night. We will go to El Torito! I love their variety and quality of food, plus you get free chips and salsa (That is why Mexican restaurants rock!). It is different this year in regards to gifts. Usually everyone would ask me, "what do you want for you birthday?" But i say, "just get me a gift card if you so incline to get me a gift to bless me." Ha ha, when i was a kid, i had a target, a bulls eye on a specific toy i wanted. Today, i would rather have a gift card lol. It is funny how things change over time.

My birthday favorites.
My favorite had to be my 16th birthday. I got a Volkswagen bug for my first car, i received a lot of gifts, i was given a lot of money, and i had a great time with my friends, playing sports and enjoying some great laughs. However, my 21st was pretty awesome because i went to Ooka Japanese Sushi bar & Hibachi Grill with my closest friends and family. I got to embark on their famous "sushi boat" which is about a $50 appetizer. It was the best sushi i have ever had. Here is a pic.
My birthday week.
This week will be a fun one! It will be a special one because i will be turning one year older with Melissa, but it is the first birthday i will have being engaged. I am looking forward to spending some great fellowship with some of the fellas and the family this week. Stay blessed everyone and God bless ya!


Liz! said...

happy early birthday rj!!

you get 10 cool points for being born in march =]

David D. said...

Hopefully its the last birthday you have being engaged ;)

Also, I hope that ship

RJ McCauley said...

Thanks guys, haha yeah davy, your not a big fan of Sushi lol.

Us and our boys....Walter, ily, Preacher + Savior said...

Happy Happy birthday!!

Sweet Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!! I love you!! I hope you have a great day and work today and I'll will see you at dinner!!

Liz! said...

happy birthdayyyyy!

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