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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Assult on Absolute Truth

In our culture today, progressive secularism is growing in a rapid pace in education, society, politics, and even in some churches. The problem with this postmodern renaissance is that it is trying to erase any type of standard for truth. This is an attack on absolute truth. Therefore, as a Christian educator, it is essential for the Christian Education community to stand for the authority, veracity, and integrity of the Word of God.

There are a few reasons why the Christian Education community needs to respond in these perilous times to the attack on absolute truth. First of all, if there is no one standing for absolute truth then the authority of that truth is dismissed. Jesus Christ audaciously explains that the Word of God is truth. John 17:17 declares, “Sanctify them by your truth. Your word is truth.” Therefore, educators need to teach and defend the core beliefs of the faith, that the word of God is infalliable, inerrant, and inspired by God, who alone is truth. If there is no defense on absolute truth, then truth can be pulled apart and dismantled to be whatever anyone believes it to be. Truth needs to be defined in a growing secular world. For this reason, Christian Educators need to stand for the affirmation of absolute truth that is contained in the pages of Scripture and in Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

If there is no battle for absolute truth, then Christianity is worthless. Christianity is based on truth, for its God is truth. It would be just another religion. If there is no battle for absolute truth, then the rise of relativism and dualism will increase to astonishing numbers among the younger generations who are being bombarded with these theories and philosophies in school, social groups, and society. We see this already happening in the youth and young adults of our culture today as a trend. This type of living and thinking (without absolute truth) leads people astray. As a Christian educator, the goal should be to stand and make a case for truth, to affirm its authenticity and authority, and to teach the life transforming gospel that is in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ wants people to know that He is the way, the truth, and the life!

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