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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Work of the Holy Spirit in Christian Education

Here is a small essay that I had to write on my mid-term concerning the work of the Holy Spirit in Christian Education. This was a blessing to study! Check it out below.

The Holy Spirit works in so many different ways a believer’s life. It Sanctifies, seals, and strengthens believers. It is also the author of Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16-17). However, the Holy Spirit works in Christian Education through two specific vessels; the teacher and the learner. The first and most important work is that the Holy Spirit works in the teacher himself. The teacher is the one God has chosen to use effectively to communicate His Word to others. The Holy Spirit grows the teacher to live more like Christ, bear fruit, and grow in the knowledge of God and His holy word. Therefore, the teacher who is living a Spirit-filled and sanctified life is qualified to teach and educate others. The Holy Spirit speak through the teacher and ministers to his or her learners.

The Holy Spirit also works in the learners lives. The Holy Spirit is the One who opens their heart to receive the word, to conceive the word, and perceive the application of the word. The learners are taught by the Holy Spirit in their hearts. He convicts them of sin and shows them how what they need to change in their lives. He illuminates the Scripture in their minds so they can understand the mysteries that are in Christ and the purpose of life. He empowers them to live out the word of God in their daily lives and be an example to others.

Lastly, the Holy Spirit works in the environment around us. “God has used such physical elements to set the environment for spiritual learning throughout history” (The Environment pg. 129). The Holy Spirit works in creation through creation. There are supernatural works that happen that cannot be explained except by faith in the wonderful work of God. Scripture shows us illustrations of how the Holy Spirit worked in Jesus ministry at Galilee through His miracles, and through Paul and Peter and their miraculous escapes from prison. These are perfect examples of how the Holy Spirit works things together to accomplish his purposes.

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