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Friday, October 2, 2009

Christian Education Philosophy/Definition

Hey everyone! I have been really busy with school at Cbu (which is awesome by the way!). So I thought I would post my philosophy/definition essay on what is Christian Education. Enjoy!

The totality of the word of God provides the foundation and template for all Christian Education. It is principled on the absolute truth and authority of the Holy Scriptures, where all true knowledge, wisdom, and understanding can be cultured and learned to grow closer in a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is educating and equipping people with the teaching of biblical theology, doctrine, and practical application to live for the glory of God.

The goals of Christian Education are to save, sanctify, and teach people to be Spirit filled. Salvation is at the core of Christian Education. Following the marching orders of the Great Commission, saving the lost through the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ is the priority. Preaching, teaching, and reaching the lost with the gospel is the underlying precedent of the Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore it is the solid cornerstone of Christian Education. Sanctification is the motive of Christian Education. By taking heed to the word of God, sanctifying believers into the image of Christ to live with holiness and humility are essential to grow closer in communion with God. Being taught to be less like the world and more like the Lord grows an individual into a wonderful human being and devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Being Spirit filled is the working of Christian Education. Teaching believers to live a Spirit filled life gives them the understanding how to serve the Lord and do great works in His name. Through the examples and exhortations in Scripture, the daily life of a believer is to be ready for service in season and out of season.

Christian Education’s foundation is grounded in salvation. The fountain from where all growth flows from is in sanctification. The focus should be on the glory of God, being Spirit filled, ready to serve and be used by the Lord.

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Patty Lunz said...

I never thought about the connection between the corporate ladder and the classroom, but you're totally right. And I didn't learn to balance school and everything else until having a child myself (I'm currently in graduate school... although, to be honest, now I'm having a difficult time making school a priority at all). But in college, grades were my idol. I put academics before all else. And then my first go-around in graduate school (for acting), I let school absolutely consume my soul.

What is your favorite subject in Christian Studies?