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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KING, Here I Come...

This week I start working at KING High School in Riverside. I am excited to be working at the high school to help students achieve excellence. However at the same time, I am running around looking for another job that will be more secure and pay way more so Melissa and I can get married and move forward in our journey together! I applied at Hayden Industrial in Corona in December through a friend's information, and I got an email back regarding they are would like to set up a in interview! Pray it goes good. I am a well qualified drafter/designer with education and experience in the industry behind me. However, I hope my youthfulness and lack of experience compared to someone who has been in the industry longer does not hinder my changes of getting a possible shot at this job.

Ok everyone, God bless you and I would love it if you could remember me in prayer!


Sweet Melissa said...


simplyshiree said...

that is so awesome RJ! they have a sweet morning bible study i go to sometimes cuz some of my girls go and stuff. but anyway ill be praying for you and Melissa!

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