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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sanders Wedding and Bible Studying at Reception...

It is so funny when people look at me and see how demanding the task is to be a Bible expositor and not be paid full-time for ministry, have an office, or be a pastor. Preaching the Word of God has a lot of requirements and there is a cost. This last week was a busy week and I had a lot of things to write and do for school and ministry, on top of preparing for my message Sunday! Therefore, I knew that this weekend was going to be difficult to study the way I wanted to and write everything the way I wanted, so I took my resources with me (on my phone) and studied at the wedding.
Today was the Sanders wedding. I am happy for Luke and Brittany and hope they have a great honeymoon and begin their marriage on the foundation of God's Word, the fountain of their relationship as the gospel, and the focus of their marriage on the glory of God. Congrats you guys!

After the ceremony at the reception, there was a lot of just down time as the 28-people-bridal-party was taking pictures! WOW. Therefore, at the reception I went over my notes for my message on Sunday. Melissa helped me as we drove from Harvest to the reception trying to memorize the study, points, passages, and verses. While at the reception, I took notes on my phone app called "colornotes." It worked great and it paid off. The entire day was a 9 hour wedding in total (from 1pm-10pm). So I decided I will preach from my phone and my computer notes to do my message! Preachers need to improvise! God gave me grace and I hope to deliver a great message on the Doctrine 2 - Inspiration of Scripture.

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Dana Kruckenberg said...

Hi RJ--I totally identify with you--I prepare a devotional each week for our Heart to Home classes, write Today's Project daily, and will soon need to prepare a workshop for CCMV's women's retreat. On June 10th, my weekly women's Bible study begins on Thursdays, on I Samuel. [If you know of any girls or young ladies or women who can join us at 10:00, please have them contact me!] Whew!! But following God's calling is the greatest privilege imaginable...when He guides, He provides, as Chuck Smith says!!! God bless and keep on growing and serving!!

Dana Kruckenberg

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