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Monday, March 29, 2010

Why I Worship Jesus

Psalm 63:3, "Because experiencing your loyal love is better than life itself, my lips will praise you." NET

"Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips will praise You."

I have been thinking about this verse for years. It is most likely my favorite Psalm but I am not sure on that definitively because there are so many good verses and chapters in the Psalms. However, today when I read today as I was going over some Psalms, it ministered to me in a new way.

This Psalm was written when David was wondering in the wilderness in Judah. He was on the run from the enemy, but in the mist of his trials he cried out to God and worshiped him. This is the condition I feel that I am in during this economic crisis in our nation. Riverside County is the 2nd worst in the nation with unemployment (behind Detroit). During this time I have been out of a full-time job for nine months now. It has been a tough road to ride on, but Jesus Christ has seized my soul by his sovereign grace and has provided me with so many blessings. 

I have been going through the wilderness of unemployment, but I am not alone. Jesus Christ has been with me every step. Experiencing and seeing his faithfulness over and over when I am faithless continues to make my heart want to worship him more, and praise him with my lips just as David did in the wilderness of Judah! Knowing the love of God that is impossible to be separated from (Rom. 8:39) has truly given me a sense of satisfaction that is unknown to the world. Therefore I can agree and totally connect with the situation David was feeling - uncertainty in the future (David not knowing what was going to happen to his life) but having certainty (David knowing the everlasting love of and faithfulness of God). Because of such a great love that was demonstrated on the cross for a chief of all sinners like me, my life stems from the precious life that is found in the True Vine, Jesus Christ (John 15:1). His love for that has been bestowed to me (1 John 3:1) causes me to worship Jesus in spirit and truth! Life in general cannot compare to the surpassing worth of knowing Christ's love and faithfulness, and therefore I will praise the Lord with my lips all the days of my life. I live my days in faith of the Son of God who saved me and gave up his life for me.

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