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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Timotheans Project

In my Cbu class on Pastoral Ministry and Leadership, our teacher has divided the class into two working groups that will present two projects at during the semester. The first project is to divide up 1 & 2 Timothy and extract all the pastoral instructions relating to the church given by Paul to Timothy for effective ministry. This has coin our group name the "Timotheans" lol. It has been a great group so far and will continue to be over the course of the semester. We have 5 people in our groups so that worked out for us to each take two chapters each and exegetically study it. This has been great because I have been meditating and fixing my mind on the role of leadership outside and inside the church in 1 Timothy 3-4. 1 Timothy 3 talks about external leadership among the crowds and 1 Timothy 4 talks about internal leadership among the church. Going over these two chapters has been refreshing and I cannot wait to present our project.

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