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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can You Prove the Bible Scientifically?

In all seriousness, the question most skeptics, atheists, and intellectuals ask regarding the truth of Scripture is summed up in a statement like this: "I will believe the Bible if you can prove it to me scientifically." There is a huge problem with this statement because it is impossible to prove the Bible scientifically in the structural process of gathering information through the Scientific Method. It is an illogical statement. The Scientific Method cannot prove the Bible to be true because the Bible is a collection of ancient and historical writings.

Scientific Method demands three things to prove things scientifically true:
1. It has to be Observable.
2. It has to be Measurable.
3. It has to be Repeatable.

There are major errors in trying to assimilate some type of argument to prove the Bible scientifically. Science discoveries were declared in the Bible before they were recorded in history, however, that does not prove that the Bible scientifically because the Scientific Method cannot prove the Bible.

The Scriptures are history, and therefore history cannot be observable because it has already passed (over 3500-4500 years of total history!). So we cannot go back and observe the things in Scripture to try and see if it happened.

Secondly, history is not measurable. The Scriptures cannot be measured because there is nothing else to measure them against during their time in history to prove their trustworthiness. Today, we have manuscripts to back up the evidence that supports the overwhelming declaration of truth in the Bible (over 5,600 manuscripts!).

Lastly, history cannot be repeatable because it only happens once. The Scriptures can never be "re-invented" or "re-written" to prove it's scientific validity. Therefore, the Bible cannot be proven by science in the Scientific Method because the Scientific Method fails miserably at attempting to disprove and affirm the Scriptures as truth! Science fails at testing things through logic, reason, and truth. Logic, reason, and truth are the friends of Scripture that are infused in the Word by the supernatural inspiration of Scripture.

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