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Monday, May 3, 2010

Disney World, Here We Come!

Today marks a wonderful day for me and my beautiful bride to be. There is now a time of excitement and expectancy for Melissa and I because we booked our honeymoon vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida! We will be staying there for 7 days total. Our honeymoon vacation package is fully loaded with a great dining plan, room accommodations, and transportation throughout our stay at the resort. My mom's sister, aunt Carol, is a travel agent and a Disney Resort representative. She booked our entire vacation for us, and saved us some good money by finding some promotions that were offered to us! Thank you Aunt Carol! Nevertheless, one of the most wonderful aspects of this honeymoon is the gracious gift of Melissa's grandma. Her grandma has blessed us with two courtesy flights that will be "first-class" from Ontario, CA to Orlando, FL for our airfare with American Airlines. WOW! What a blessing. Thank you Grandma Shirley!

The resort we chose to stay at will be the Caribbean Beach Resort that reflects being in the Bahamas and the Caribbean islands with the flowers, music, food, colors, and architecture. Melissa and I are excited to travel to the east coast and enjoy our first week together at the happiest place on earth - Walt Disney World. Disneyland is different because it was the original theme park constructed in the 1950's by Walt, however, he had plans to develop a bigger kingdom of happiness and adventure by designing Disney World in Florida, a decade or so later. He never saw it completed, but when it was finished, it had multiple parks and extended to the world as a place of ultimate fun.

Currently, there are four major theme parks that are all linked together: Disney's Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's MGM Studios, and the Magic Kingdom. During our stay, however, we will be doing one of the two water parks at Disney World as well! Melissa and I are all about having fun, and I cannot imagine any other place besides Disney World to have a once in a life time adventurous experience together. We go to Disneyland a lot since we are annual pass holders, and will totally enjoy visiting all the different world class resorts, riding epic theme park attractions, and soaking up the sun at the Caribbean Beach Resort. Please pray that the weather would be wonderful and there would be no hurricanes, rain storms, or gnarly winds!

God is proving and on the move in our lives! He has been providing for the wedding, and now is on the move to provide for the honeymoon! The Lord has made all things work together to glorify him and bless us for our good pleasure. Praise King Jesus! Therefore, as of today, our whole honeymoon vacation is set and read for September after our wedding.




Anonymous said...

So wonderful, RJ! the Lord is truly your Provider and Shepherd--you will not be in need!


RJ McCauley said...

Thank you Dana! Isn't cool to see what God is doing for Melissa and I?! Amen!

Yes, He is the Chief Shepherd, who is watching and guiding me so I will not fear, but lay in green pastures soon!

Thanks for your prayers. God is in control!


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