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Friday, May 7, 2010

Fishing Ventures with Danny Mendez and RJ McCauley!

WOW! What a great birthday fishing trip I had today with my good friend Danny Mendez. We went to Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet, CA. It is probably the best lake in the entire Southern California region for fishing Largemouth Bass and Striped Bass. Over the last year, we have had many fishing ventures that has been a success, and a disaster! We have caught some fish, and have also returned empty handed. However, today was a day to remember for me (the birthday boy). Danny wanted to take me fishing for my birthday, but due to our schedules, we could not set a date to go fish. So last week Danny called me and asked me, "When are we going fishing bro? It's on me!" I told him Friday the 7th would work fine. We ended up leaving this morning at 4:45 AM and returned about 2:00 PM. Danny caught several trout (which we tried to use for bait for a big Striper!) and 1.5-2.0 lb. Bass! Nevertheless, I was on fire today by catching 4 monster fish. They were a great fight and I enjoyed every second of it! I used my new lures called YUM Money Minnows in trout colors, and they were spot on! I caught my last two fish on that swim-bait, however, the first two lunkers I caught were on the watermelon ZOOM Lizard. I through that on some spawn bed and, booyah, I had a fish on! Just a few moments after that, I through that lure out again and I landed a very nice size Striper off a brush line point! 

5 lb. Largemouth Bass caught on a watermelon Zoom Lizard.

6 lb. Striper caught on a watermelon Zoom Lizard.

5 lb. Striper caught on a trout Yum Money Minnow.

4 lb. Striper caught on a trout Yum Money Minnow.

To sum up the day, I enjoyed God's creation and observed some principles in fishing that relate to biblical matters. The disciples were fishermen. They understood the sport and occupation. So when they were not catching anything that one dark morning when they were fishing all night, I can totally relate to that because when I do not catch a fish for a long time, it is depressing and fatiguing. Nevertheless, the story did not stop there, and Jesus spoke to them to cast their nets on the other side and booyah, they caught hundreds! Adrenaline started pumping and the depression was emancipated. The disciples were focused on what they did not have (any fish in the nets) and were spiritually depressed without the joyfulness of God. However, when they least expected it, Jesus came on the scene and blessed them abundantly with jubilant cheers of wonder and awe. This was the exact scenario that was going on in my life before I went fishing today. I have been casting out my nets to get a job, interview, etc., which resulted in me focusing on what I did not have. While fishing with Danny, however, I was blessed with the simplicity of fellowship and fishing on a cool, beautiful morning, and caught 4 wild stallions at DVL. Amen! What a blessing. My net feels full right now because of the abundant joy and blessing I feel with the kindness of the Lord and the friendship I have with my brotha Danny who blessed me with coffee & doughnuts in the morning, and Chipotle for lunch on the way home! Thank you Lord for showing me not to look at what I do not have, but expect the unexpected glory of God to unfold in my life through these "ventures."

Danny, thanks for such a great trip and being such a great pal. Blessings on you!

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