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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo = Good Food!

I love mexican food, and on no other day is it more proper to eat that ethnic food than on cinco de Mayo. My favorite chef has to be Bobby Flay because he cooks Southwest Mexican style food all the time. Thinking about such food is making me hungry right about now! Melissa's mom always makes some great new flavors of Mexican food that I have never had before and introduced me to some great dishes over the last few years. So from here on, I am hooked on Mexican food. There is a wonderful, yet small, restaurant in downtown Riverside called El Bajio. It means "the kitchen." highly recommend going there for lunch. Nevertheless, my favorite Mexican restaurant is El Torito and Anchos. They are inseparable.  I just love the flavors and the quality of food.

So make sure to go get some Mexican food to eat this week!


joppoman said...

Ha-ha, "ethic food."
It's been some time since I talked to you. I have been extremely busy; I should make time to call you.

RJ McCauley said...

Hahaha! I changed it, lol.

YES!!! That would be great if you could give me a call. I have the same number. Keep in touch bro, we need to catch up on a lot of things going on in our lives.


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