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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recap: The Wedding Day - Part 1

The Wedding was absolutely amazing and incredibly too short all at once! For all of you that we could invite and were able to make it, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for attending special day. God was glorified through the Christ-centered ceremony and the Spirit-filled reception. It was awesome to have the wedding reception at the Singh's house - we are forever thankful the Singh family! Having it at their home in the backyard setting made it that much better.

How It All Started.
I want to share how the Lord has provided for Melissa and I prior to the Wedding day. On Easter this year, we prayed and made a decision (lead by myself and a mini devotion on walking "by faith" as disciples of Christ) to have the wedding on September 18th, 2010. Literally, it gave us 5 months to place and organize. However, the more we prayed and moved forward in faith that God was going to answer our prayers according to his perfect will, the Lord graciously blessed us month after month with generous gifts like taking care of our location for wedding, photographer, cake, set-up, DJ, and so much more. If it was not for our relentless dependency on Christ and our fervency to glorify him at the wedding, I do not believe things would of turned out the way they did so perfectly. The providence of God in Jesus Christ was substantially given to us when I was unemployed and unemployment for 1 year and 3 months.

God's Faithful Provision.
Just to show you have crazy the Lord provided for us, let me break down just the month before the wedding. One month before the wedding, the Lord provided an apartment right next to CBU and five minutes away from Harvest for an unbeatable price under eight hundred dollars a month. Three weeks before the wedding, God gave me a new job at CBU where I was working as an ITS student computer tech. However, that job did not last because I got another job - one a applied for three months previously which is double the wages and everything. The Lord was on the move and showing his faithful provision to provide for us. The next two weeks before the big day, we were able to get all our furniture (3 dresses, 2 night stands, 1 kitchen cabinet dresser for $120). Secondly, we were blessed by the body of Christ who gave us for free an entire dining table set with five chairs, couch and pillows, new Canon 2-n-1 Printer/Scanner, and a small refrigerator! They were all exactly what we needed! Lastly, one week before the wedding I was given some random and wonderful money gifts from some special people, enabling us to paint the interior of our apartment. Everything was coming together and God was getting the glory! When it looked like we had not money to move forward and were up against the wall, God in his rich mercy blessed us mightily. What a great testimony of God's "sovereign supplies" and how will always provide if we seek first his kingdom and righteousness (cf.  Matt. 6:33; and Phil. 4:19). The fun has not stopped because God never stops providing for his faithful, covenant-keeping children. Last Saturday, we got a brand new refrigerator with a bottom roll-out drawer freezer (retail $1399.99) for $307.05! God is so faithful.

The Bride and the Groom.
All I can say about the wedding was the Bride was stunning! Wow, she was one beautiful woman!  Indeed, she is the most beautiful woman ever! In my eyes at the wedding, Melissa shined with beauty because of the true beauty in her heart - loving the Lord with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength. Her love for Christ and holiness captivates me everyday! She had a blast being my dancing partner late into the night and finally having her ring! I took her ring from her for two weeks before the wedding because I had arrangements to get it sodered together, so she was ring-less for that time and could not wait to have it back on her finger.

Besides my eyes being glued to the most breathtaking Bride I have ever seen (Melly), I had so much fun with my guys and enjoying the company of everyone at the Wedding. Here is a fun picture of me and the fellas!

We were extremely blessed by the Christ-centered theme of the wedding and the worship by our friends at Harvest - Love you Brian, Josh, and Angela! We are excited to see all the photos because the are being worked on still. I cannot believe it has not even been a whole month since our wedding day. God has been wonderful to us and we have been extremely thankful (You can see that expression on this great picture below)! I know that without all of you who prayed for us over the years and during the last few months before the wedding definitely helped make things happen for us. Thank you for all your prayers!

"So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” 
- Jesus, Matthew 19:6

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