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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Honeymoon Recap Coming Soon...

Well everyone, it is time to share the stories and photos from our wonderful honeymoon in Buena Vista, FL at Walt Disney World Resort. In all seriousness, Melissa and I had the most exciting, luxurious, entertaining, and the most fun vacation of our lives! No matter what age you are, Walt Disney World Resort has a place for you. I will be writing a posts for each of the theme parks we went to, all the restaurants we ate at, and the resorts we visited. We are not "Disney Freaks" who are so addicted to the place and in love with the characters, but after this trip, we really appreciate Disney for their amazing professionalism, tidiness, and relentless aim to provide clean-family entertainment and are now what you can say "fans" of Disney.

Keep posted for some great photos and stories from the new adventurous couple of RJ & Melissa McCauley!

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