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Friday, November 9, 2012

Propaganda, a Counter-Cultural Rapper

Within the last few years, Christian hip-hop has exploded on the scene throughout the music industry. The Christian music industry has desperately needed new counter-cultural musicians for awhile now, and within the Christian hip-hop movement, there is an army of musical missionaries desiring to spread the gospel to people who would not normally be reached by typical Christian pop/rock music.

Rappers such as Lecrae, Tripp Lee, Tedashi, Shai Linne, Ambassador, Flame, and Cross Movement comes a newer preacher of poetic gospel lyrics named Propaganda. I got to meet him at the Los Angeles Harvest Crusade this year as he was touring with Lecrae. His YouTube videos has gone viral and are extremely convicting, engaging, and biblical. I am so blessed to see these guys, specifically Propaganda, be bold and "unashamed" of the gospel. They are committed to not just singing but teaching God's truth to others.Below are some of the videos:

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