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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Special Birthday Card From My Parents

I received a special birthday card from my parents this year which ministered to my heart unlike other birthday cards I have received over the years. I was moved and touched by the message on the card, so I decided to share with everyone on my blog. Check it out:
For Our Son On His Birthday: 
You know you're blessed when you have a son you really believe in - when you look at him and see, above all else, the talent and the determination to accomplish whatever he puts his heart and his mind to. 
That's the kind of son we have in you, and if we could wish just one thing for you on your birthday, it would be this: May you always believe in yourself the way we believe in you. 
Happy Birthday!  
Mom and Dad
The reason why this really touched me is because of the fact I feel like a failure since I have ran into unfortunate unemployment two significant times in the past three years. As the oldest son and firstborn, I want to be accomplished and established making my parents proud and provide for my family. All of the education and experience I have seems to be useless as job application after job application returns no calls or offers. Thus, my parents gave me a birthday card that spoke to me regarding my own personal crisis. The card read from their hearts to my heart in order to encourage my walk with the Lord and understand how my parents believe in me.

My parents have always been there for my brother and I. I cannot thank them enough for their love, support, and continual blessing. This birthday card was definitely on track with those parental characteristics. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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