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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Best Birthday Card, Ever!

My wife got me the best gift for my was a card. Yet, this was no ordinary card. The birthday card my wife got me was addressed to "Dad" because we revealed a week before my actual birthday that we were pregnant and going to have a baby! Therefore, my clever wife got a birthday card for me that said, "God bless you, Dad, on your birthday," from the baby and herself. I nicknamed our baby "Baby Mc" because it is baby McCauley.

This is what the birthday card said:
Happy Birthday, Dad!
I know I'm only the size of a blueberry, but I already know how much you love me. I can hear you talking to me, and every time I want a certain kind of food, you make it happen! Thank you for taking good care of mommy. I know she appreciates it since she hasn't been felling well. I love you very much and cannot wait to meet you!
Baby Mc
Now THAT is awesome. I love this card so much. Therefore, I wanted to share it with everyone on my blog. I cannot wait until October to meet Baby Mc. My wife and I are trusting in the Lord for everything to go smooth during the pregnancy, knowing God has given us Baby Mc as a gift (cf. Psalm 127:3).

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Jasbin Clark said...

Nice story of Birthday cards. I like it.

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