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Monday, April 1, 2013

Deity of Christ - Theology In Community

My former dean at California Baptist University, Christopher W. Morgan, began a theology series several years ago that emphasize important topics in Christian theology. You can see all of his books here. One of his books I am reading in my course, The Doctrine of the Person of Christ, with Stephen Wellum from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Wellum has two significant chapters in this book that make very good points and contribute to the overall thesis of the entire work.

I have found this book as one of the essentials regarding Christology from a retrospective-American interpretation because the identity of Jesus Christ has become misunderstood over the past hundred years in the west.

One of my favorite things about The Deity of Christ is how it is written with great intertextuality, meaning each essay is harmoniously rooted in the Scriptures, which provide the main authoritative source for a proper identification of Jesus Christ. The essays vividly express the correct biblical identity of Jesus Christ by looking back at the past and current interpretations, while diving into exegesis of the OT and NT primary texts about Jesus as the Messiah and King. There is also an apologetical element to the book that discusses the different versions of Jesus among cults and other religions, and ends with a missiological understanding of gospel proclamation grounded in the deity of Christ.

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