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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dr. Wellum @ SBTS

I am truly blessed as a seminary student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. One of my professors, Stephen Wellum, is one of the leading systematic theologians in evangelicalism. I am impressed by the amount of biblical information this man of God knows, but even more impressed by how he communicates theological matters and always brings everything back to the centrality of the gospel.  Every class begins with prayer and ends with prayer. He comes off incredibly smart and humble in my class lectures and interactions (especially if you do not agree with him on something, he explains things very gracefully and responds systematically). I hope to meet him this summer on campus at SBTS and share with him the things I have been learning.

I have two courses with Dr. Wellum this Spring semester, and because of these classes so far, my theological and hermeneutical understandings have developed significantly. I guess this blog entry is a kind of tribute because he has contributed to my theological formation. Thanks for being a great teacher, Dr. Wellum!

He has required the most reading I have ever had in school so far (10 of my 12 books are required for his classes among my three courses). The reason why Dr. Wellum provides all of the reading is to challenge students so they can develop a comprehensive and objective understanding of topical information (i.e. God, Christ, Scripture, etc). I have definitely achieved that goal. With the all of the required reading comes his passionate lectures. If you ever hear him teach, it is clear that he cares deeply about the primary text, i.e. Word of God, and desires to glorify Jesus. Both of my courses discuss the person and work of Christ, and as a result have learned many great things about the Lord.

I found out that his "Jesus courses" are going to be summed up into a magisterial writing in the theology series, Foundations of Evangelical Theology. I am looking forward to his new book to come out next year and have him possibly sign it at ETS San Diego in 2014. It will be the leading Christian theology book on Jesus Christ for sure, which is my favorite subject! It's all about Jesus, and that's why I enjoy Dr. Wellum's courses so much.

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